Tatranská Lomnica is the highest ski resort in Slovakia. At the foot of Lomnický štít, the terrain is maintained up to an altitude of 2196 m.The total length of the slopes in the resort exceeds 12 km and the slopes are suitable for all types of skiers. Beginners and holiday skiers will find the best terrains near the parking lot, in the middle part of the resort there are tracks for moderately advanced skiers and under Lomnický štít they will find their Eldorado experts in Lomnický sedlo. ”

Downhill trails – Tatranská Lomnica

  • Start – Tatraská Lomnica: easy difficulty, elevation 272 m, length 2,300 m
  • Skalnaté pleso – Start: medium difficulty, elevation 597 m, length 3,200 m
  • Lomnické sedlo – Skalnaté pleso: difficult difficulty, elevation 408 m, length 1,300 m
  • Lomnické sedlo – French mulda: difficult difficulty, elevation 408 m, length 1,350 m
  • Čucoriedky: easy difficulty, elevation 55 m, length 400 m